Boise Campus – Carrying a cross in life is no fun.  Denying ourselves does not come naturally.  However, throwing off the cross and indulging self have some pretty terrible affects on our lives.  Just look at Samson.  And yet, in the moments before his death, Samson showed us how to finish strong in life. No matter ours past, no matter the mistakes, no matter how many times we’ve failed God and wasted his gifts, God gives us the power to finish strong–it’s the power of the cross.  See you Sunday at 8:30am or 11am, or on Monday at 6:30pm!

Meridian Site – So many decisions in life are motivated by fear.  Even Christians are motivated by a fear of death.  What will happen to those we leave behind?  Will we have regrets?  What will it feel like?  What if we don’t wake up?  Those questions and hundreds like them rattle on in the background of life.  What if we could be free from those fears?  What would life look like without them.  Join us Sunday at Willow Creek at 10:30am to see what Jesus, the one who conquered death offers.

Teach Me, Lord!

Pastor John Steinbrenner

In Love for Jesus, We Do Work with Our Mouths

Pastor Matt Zimpelmann

Rejoice in Your Trials

Pastor Kurt Wetzel

Hungry? Thirsty? Don’t Worry!

Pastor Matt Zimpelmann
Man holding Bible while praying

Lord, Give Your Servant a Heart that Hears

Pastor Kurt Wetzel
Woman holding a small globe.

Reaching Out is Intentional and Reckless Work

Pastor Ben Workentine
Man sitting on bench on a beach.

Be Devoted to One Another in Love

Pastor Kurt Wetzel
Man walking on the beach carrying a bible

God Wants Us to Grow

Pastor Kurt Wetzel
Crown on thorns, nails, palm branches on wood table

You’re at Conflict…Congratulations!

Pastor Matt Zimpelmann