John Steinbrenner

Lead Pastor  •  All Campuses

Bio photo of John Steinbrenner

In 1987, Pastor John Steinbrenner graduated from Northwestern College (Watertown, WI) with a B.A. Four years later he earned his Masters of Divinity from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, including a year of internship at Grace Lutheran Church in Portland, OR. After serving as an associate pastor of a large church in southern Minneapolis for three years, John was Called by the Pacific Northwest Mission Board to start a church in NW Boise.

John and his wife Carrie have raised their three children (Hans, Tarah, Mark) in Idaho since 1994. Pastor Steinbrenner tries to keep up with his sons on the basketball court and he enjoys a round of golf now and again.

The Steinbrenners are grateful for the privilege God has given them to be involved in the lives of this wonderful Christian family.